Only 6 More Days To Enjoy Non-Humanoid Sexuality

I posted a while back about Strange Attractors, the extraterrestrial hypersexual art book/dvd that needs your help to get off the ground (and into the stratosphere). Well, it still needs your help. We’re painfully close, and if you pull out now–well, we all know how disappointing that can be.

Specifically, the project has 6 more days to raise only $1500 dollars. That’s just 25 people per day donating $10 each. Or it’s 3000 people donating 50 cents apiece in a single hour. Or one person donating $1499.99 one day, and 5 people donating 1/5th of a cent each over the course of the next 5 days.

Anyway you cut it, this book could soon be a reality. Please do your part and donate today. In return, I promise this will be the last time I beg for money for at least the next 24 hours. I’ll even pinky-swear it.

Some Useless Information (To Fire The Imagination)

Feeling dissatisfied? Lack of girly action got you down? Does your choice of cigarette make you feel less of a man?

Have you ever watched the deleted scenes to a movie and wondered why they were so much better than anything that made it into the final cut? Or possibly you were browsing the internet, and found yourself thinking “I would pay money for this. If only this were for sale instead of that.” Or maybe you’re just wondering why all those unwritten books in your head are so much more entertaining than the ones on your bookshelf.

My newest blog post for Black Clock should help. At the very least, it ought to shed some light on the evolving relationship between the consumer (that’s you) and the maker of things to be consumed (that might be you, too). It’s possible that it won’t tell you anything you don’t already know, but it’ll do it in a way that seems informative, which is all you can really ask of an essayist these days.

But hey hey hey, that’s just what I say.