Even More Forgettable

A follow-up to my recent awesome list of awesomeness for Rant Gaming, here are 5 more games that should be revivified pronto, Dr. Frankenstein style. Check it out here.

Jenny’s Crooked Teeth

In today’s Rant Gaming post, I tell you about five games from the last console generation that were beautiful, and flawed, and beautifully flawed. It was the flaws, you see, that made them beautiful. Just like Jenny’s crooked teeth made her such a beautiful lacerator. You can read the article here.

Open Invitation

Today is board game night. That means I invite a bunch of people over, about 20% of them actually show up, and I force them to have fun for eight hours until we all retire, exhausted, to our separate living quarters. It’s a shitty job, but somebody’s got to do it. How did this “board game night” tradition get started? Find out in my newest post for Rant Gaming: Not So Old-School–5 Reasons Video Gamers Should Care About Board Games. And come to game night! You’ll have fun. I promise.

In Memoriam Luna

The death of Neil Armstrong at 82 represents the end of an era for the space program, especially after the final manned space shuttle launch last year. I wish I had the time to devote to a full account of why astronauts like Neil Armstrong are important, not just to our country, but to the human race, but alas I do not. Instead, please accept my meager offering: the 10 Most Memorable Trips to the Moon, courtesy of Rant Gaming. Let’s keep going there, even if it’s just in our fantasies.

Bromance Makes The World Go Round

My new article for Rant Gaming is all about bromance, and it’s d’awwwww ADORABLE, if I do say so myself. I’m pretty sure that you won’t be able to go on living until you’ve found out who’s on top. Check it out here.

In Which I Review A Very Peculiar Card Game

Rant Gaming has just published my review of Joe Fourhman’s unofficial, unauthorized card game tribute to Tecmo’s Fatal Frame series, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. You have to check this one out. Read the review here.

Humble Bundle 3 For Android Is Really Odd

A musical game of Pong. A machine for creating alchemical reactions. A faithful simulation of computer hacking as depicted in 90s cinema. And now, you can add a game about building tenuous structures from balls of goo, one that could just as easily be a demonstration of universe-level macrophysics as microbe-level microbehavior, and one about a techno cube racing around a landscape composed of other techno cubes. Yeah, Humble Android Bundle 3 is a strange duck.

I’ve written two articles about it to date. I just might write a third. Check them out here and here.