The Cricket Story

The Chinese believe that if a cricket finds its way into your home, it will bring you wealth and good luck. I’ve never left Alabama myself, but I do order chow mein and fried rice twice a month. Maybe they see an invitation in that smell, or maybe it’s just the fact that my house […]

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Indy Jr. Paints the Shed

 “Dun du nuh-uuuuhhhh, dun du nuuuuhhhhhh…” Indiana Jones Parker was twelve years old, with a chip on his shoulder. Being twelve years old, in itself, is enough to allocate an entire bag of Ruffles (or Sweet Onion, Indy’s favorite) to anybody’s shoulder region, what with the girls and the body odor and the sudden realization […]

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Sexy WIPs

I’ve added a new category to this blog: Sexy WIPs. What are Sexy WIPs? You may already have seen a few of them. They’re my own unpublished (some might say unpublishable) writing. I want to share them with you, free of charge. As a writer, you’re always making sacrifices. Jokes, concepts, characters, and entire story […]

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