Healthy Living Slasher Dream Squashtacular!

Lots of goodness to report this week. First, I report on the latest Kickstarter happenings in the Geek Haven Halloween Squashtacular, courtesy of Pretty Princesses, autoscaling guns and a new Rebuild, oh my!

If there’s one demographic that knows how to get into the spirit of Halloween, it’s gamers. Every year during the month of October, there’s at least one spooky little gaming treat to get us all into the mood. In 2010 it was Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare; in 2011, we got Infamous: Festival of Blood; 2012 gave us Hotline Miami (hey, at least it has masks); and 2013′s big Halloween release is…Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag? Well, I suppose there’s a skull and crossbones. At least in the Geek Haven, there are plenty of witches, alien abduction, zombies and games of dress-up to look forward to…as well as some games that, if they aren’t quite in the spirit of the season, are no less deserving of your attention because of it.

Next up, we bring you breaking news from the Reality(tm) front. The Reality Institute, curated by Reality(tm) connoisseur Michael Molitch-Hou, has uncovered a slimming new slice of the real with The Healthy Imperative. What happens when a BodyConscious mother gets fed up with all the outdated mores of American society, with its laws and CPS agents? Find out in this extended rant/blog post discovered exclusively by yours truly, Byron Alexander Campbell.

It was supposed to be the year of healthy living.

I know that as soon as I post this update, I’m going to get roughly 7 million responses from my BodyWatch Inner Circle (luv ya!) saying, “LaJoindRa, you make that same resolution EVERY NEW YEARS EVE!!!!”! Lol, I know! ;) [j/k, I luv u guys] But you know what, this year was going to be really special. ❤ Lol, it’s so depressing and disappointing I don’t even want to talk about it. :”’( But I know some of you guys (u kno who u are!!) love a good BackSliding story. Can’t disappoint my loyal fans. ;p

Now if you’re reading this, you’re in my Inner Circle [can’t let the plebs see me in a moment of weakness loljk], so you know I’ve always been a BodyConscious person. It started when I was 12 years old and my Daddy took me to get my first vag-plasty. I wasn’t naive enough that I didn’t know what it was for (thanks, Mom xxxooo), but I guess I never thought about needing to get it done myself, even though I’d sat in for Mom’s rejuves once or twice by that age. But then again, she’d had me! [lol ;p] Any vag would need a little refreshment after that. You only need to look at my ankle molding pics to guess that, even as a girl, that girl [me ;) ] got legs!!!!!!!

In case you missed it, all 5 acts of my high school-era horror screenplay, Dark Ascension, are up as of earlier this morning. Read the entire thing in one sitting…if you’re brave enough. Few men (or women) can handle THIS MUCH overt symbolism.

And finally, I leave you with this wonderful piece of microfiction from Heather Campbell, titled “Slasher Dream”:

I had a dream that the killer was inside the house, so we had to live in the garage.


Is This Reality?

Another place, another time,
another face that looks like mine.
Another soul for all to see…
Is this reality??

Maybe not, but at least it’s “Certified” ™. Extraordinarily belated congratulations to Michael Molitch-Hou, founder and proprietor of the Reality(tm) Institute, on the redesign of the institute’s genuine official website. It looks really. Also of potential interest, Mr. Molitch-Hou “recently” (ha!) updated the site with a review of a Reality(tm) Expo held on December 17, 2011, at Control Room in Downtown Los Angeles. I just happened to be present at the expo…in fact, I was part of the “sanctioned entertainment!” Mr. Molitch-Hou was generous enough to upload rare video footage of this unprecedented event, which you can view here. Great job, Mike! You’re a real Nice Guy(c)!

Also, my good friend Solipsis O. Nann donated portions of his erratically maintained, functionally questionable library to the show. You’d probably be better off ignoring it, actually.

But I believe that I would really change a thing,
a second chance to get it right.
I think the end is close at hand…
I had a vision I don’t understand……

Reality: Check!

When’s the last time you certified your Reality ?

The Reality Institute, your one-stop shop for all things actual, has hosted a dramatic reading of my self-censoring book project, Destroy This Book. DTB, the first publication of the Universal Beliefs Project, was conceived and distributed as part of Jen Hofer’s Literary Citizenship: Tiny Press Practices course at CalArts. Check out the video below.

If that wasn’t “real” enough for you, The Reality Institute is hosting two additional projects born of the Tiny Press course: Ivanhoe’s Greatest Hits (as read by Christopher Lee) and Mikey Valis’s phantogram music video “POP.”

In more Universal Beliefs Project news, the UBP has begun weekly belief postings, starting with those featured in Destroy This Book. If this ultra-limited edition  literary masterpiece passed you by, you now have a second chance to witness other people’s honest beliefs first-hand!